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Who are we?

Hi! I'm Cédric Mérot.

After a master degree and 10 years of business experience, including 8 years working for the worldwide largest equipment auctionneer, I decided to create my own company and then share my expertise and my network with you.

West Machinery France has 2 main activities on the used equipment domain :


West Machinery France buys and sells all kind of used equipment in the followings fields:


West Machinery France is also offering a large range of consulting services dedicated to the management or resale of your assets.

What ever your project are...



  Equipment resale


Handling & lifting


  Equipment outsourcing for dealers


Whatever the age, brand or condition, feel free to contact us! I strongly believe that any equipment can be sold. All is a question of price or uniqueness!

According your needs, West Machinery France is offering you compelling solution for your resale. Going from straight purchase to commission sales.

On another hand, if you’re looking for special equipment, contact us ! Most of our equipments are sold directly to our network, without classic internet diffusion. In fact, I also strongly believe that what makes equipment value, is their confidentiality.


  Company mergers or acquisitions


  Equipment auction management



  Asset bank disputes management



... West Machinery is offering you compelling consulting solutions!